There are several solutions to assemble a remote station:

Transceiver with direct Internet Access

The transceiver is directly connected to the network (LAN or internet). There is only a client software needed on the operator site. This software is delivered together with the transceiver.

Product: Ten Tec Omni VII

Remote Station based on Internet tcvr

Hardware Based

On the radio site the transceiver is connected through a hardware device - the remote controller - to the network. This hardware device performs the transforming of audio and control data for the network transfer.

On the operator site there is the complementary hardware device between the network and the detachable front panel of the transceiver necessary. Otherwise a client software runs on the operator's computer (see picture below).

Product: Remoterig

Hardware based Remote Station

Radio with detached Front Panel

Hardware Based Remote Station

Radio without detached Front Panel

Software Based

All functions which are necessary for control and data transfer are software based. This version can be quite complex.

A good description of using HAM Radio Deluxe can be found on the ARRL website.

Products: RS-BA1 by Icom
HAM Radio Deluxe

Software Based Remote Station

Remote Control of the Host Computer

The computer controlling the transceiver is controlled with a remote desktop software. In addition the audio signal has to be transfered through the network.

Products: VNC

rs40 RemotePC1a